Holcomb 1-14H featured in Shale Shaker

Harding & Shelton’s Holcomb 1-14H was featured in March/April 2011 issue of Shale Shaker. Download the issue (PDF)


Sec. 23-16N-19W (Dewey County): Harding & Shelton expanded last year’s satellite area of horizontal Cleveland production with the drilling of their Holcomb 1-14H. This well, which was completed in a lateral from 10,030 – 13,392 ft (TVD 9,585 ft), had an IP of 473 BO + 840 MCF + 404 BWPD. Average production in the first month was 1,069 BOPD. In its first six months online the Holcomb has produced 99 MBO and 98 MMCF with a rate in the last reported month of 293 BOPD. The Dewey/Custer County horizontal Cleveland area of production continues to expand, making it ever more likely that it will eventually continue through Roger Mills and Ellis Counties to link with the main play area. Based on current results production will not always be economic, but will probably consist of a series of WNW-trending linear ‘sweet spots’ that parallel sand deposition.