Arkoma Catches Midcontinent Players’ Notice

The Arkoma Basin may not have been receiving the recent publicity that the Sooner State’s Stack and Scoop enjoy but that is changing due to the its excellent prospects, according to Nathaniel Harding, founder and president of Antioch Energy LLC, who spoke  at Hart Energy’s DUG Midcontinent Conference and Exhibition.

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Oklahoma Crude

Already among the most active areas in the country, Oklahoma’s oil patch is increasing and expanding as companies gain a better understanding of the rock and adapt improving drilling techniques.

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Endangered beetles hinder multi-billion dollar oil opportunity in Hughes County

Oil wells make the sound of money in Oklahoma. Most recently, a new oil play has picked up in Hughes County.

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Oil & Gas Investor covers Antioch’s Arkoma Stack

“Some of the best breakevens and F&D in the Lower 48″

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President Harding speaks at S&P Global Conference on US production outlook

To view more, see the details here: 6th Annual NORTH AMERICAN CRUDE OIL SUMMIT

OERB features Antioch and Harding

As part of their Energy HQ campaign highlighting innovative companies, the Oklahoma Energy Resource Board recently featured Antioch Energy and President Nathaniel Harding.

Oil and Gas Investor names Harding “30 under 40”

Oil and Gas Investor names Nathaniel Harding “30 under 40”.

More coverage of Antioch’s funding in the Wall Street Journal and others

Oil and Gas Investor, Wall Street Journal, and Yahoo Finance cover Antioch Energy’s funding with TPH Partners.

The Oklahoman covers Antioch Energy’s private equity funding with TPH Partners

The Oklahoman’s Adam Wilmoth sat down with Nathaniel Harding and Kevin Dunnington about Antioch Energy’s private equity funding with TPH Partners.

HSE is now Antioch Energy with TPH Partners

See our announcement on NewsOK.  Today we announce Antioch Energy in partnership with TPH Partners LLC. With tremendous experience and capitalization, we are ready to grow in Oklahoma. Look for our story in the The Oklahoman and outlets in Oklahoma City and Houston.